"From the spirit of a true artist comes the extraordinary pursuit of their vision."

- Silicat Valley Film Festival


Silicat Valley Film Festival highlights several uniquely selected cat films from across the world in one extraordinary venue, proving that cat inspired filmography truly has an identity within cat culture. 

We utilizes state of the art noise cancelling headphone technology to stream 4-6 meticulously selected films to present at the convention. All films are presented and marketed toward a 2,500+ crowd of attendees on Sunday July 28, 2019. 

To submit your film for selection, please complete and submit the form below. All entries are considered and must be received by the deadline below. 

SVFF Film Selection Announcement on July 1, 2019. All entries are considered. There is no cost involved to submit your entry. Entries must be received by June 21, 2019 to be eligible for selection. There is no guarantee of acceptance. By submitting your entry, you are authorizing Snowcats Products LLC full consent to steam your film during the Film Festival portion on Sunday July 28, 2019.


Best Short Film

Announcing July 1, 2019


Best Documentary

Announcing July 1, 2019


Producer's Choice

Announcing July 1, 2019

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snowcats productions presents

Silicat Valley Cat Convention

July 27-28, 2019 | Club Auto Sport Event Center

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